Traditional Grants


Only one application will be accepted from each eligible organization per funding cycle. Please include the following items in the order indicated with a cover letter signed by the President, Director, or equivalent official of the applicant institution:

Tax Exempt Documentation

A letter of certification from the Internal Revenue Service or other documentation that the institution is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Communication Plan

Develop a communications strategy and a tactical plan to guide the organization’s internal and external communications on program(s) supported by the grant including key objectives, stakeholders, strategies, core messages and actions. The initial plan can be one page summary to be updated to a complete plan as the program/project evolves over the life of the grant. Communication materials may include press releases, backgrounders, FAQ, tweets, announcements for websites, blogs and identified spokespersons.

Executive Summary

An executive summary of the planned activities should not exceed two double-spaced pages. Include the principle components of the proposed programs and describe briefly the activities that will be undertaken within each component. Provide the total budget requested for the proposed program and the amount requested for each major activity.

Narrative Section

Clearly describe the objectives and explain the overall strategy of the proposed activities. Points to include:

  • Outline the activities in detail and provide the rationale for each major activity and anticipated outcomes.
  • Indicate whether the approach is part of a long-term plan that the applicant has for the advancement of education, science and health.
  • Provide information on how the activities will be administered and which staff will be involved. Programs involving other organizations or institutions should list the institution and key staff and describe their specific responsibilities. Indicate how much time each staff person will commit to each activity. A letter of commitment must be obtained from any institution whose cooperation is essential to meeting the goals and objectives of the proposed activities. It should include a description of the nature of the collaboration. Up to five other general letters of endorsement will be reviewed by the board.
  • Conclude the narrative section with a discussion of how the applicant plans to monitor progress toward each objective and measurable outcome of the proposed activity. Explain plans for the following with regard to the proposed activity: replication, leverage of alternative funds, sustainability, systemic solutions, national or global impact, and dissemination of program information. State the major benefits of the proposed activity to your organization and to the communities involved.

Budget Section

Provide details on the types of expenses for each activity proposed. Provide the total budget requested for the proposed program and the amount requested for each major activity, including the percentage of the requested program budget that each activity represents. The minimum budget request must total $25,000. As a matter of policy, the board does not pay indirect costs.

Applicants may or may not be required to secure matching funds.

If additional funders will be sought and/or commitments exist, they should be described briefly in the narrative section of the proposal.

Additional Institutional Information and Financial Data

This section should include a summary of general information on the applicant organization including details of unique capabilities, relevant programs and expertise. Include resumés of the program director and key personnel (not to exceed two pages each). Include a summary of the organization’s revenues and support during the past three fiscal years.

Application Deadlines

The Board meets four times a year to consider and award grants.

Completed applications must be received by: Jan. 1, April 1, July 1 or Oct. 1 (or the next business day if a weekend or holiday). Applicants will be notified of the final decision.

Apply Now

The online grant application function is currently under development. Submit Traditional Grant applications by mail to our address at 410 Blackwell Street, Durham, NC27701. Submit Ribbon of Hope Grant applications as directed on our website.